Color Correction

Color correcting the ortho-photo aerial imagery is the most important phase in the development of quality photo-realistic ground textures.

Orthophoto aerial images are air-to-ground high-resolution pictures of the world surface taken from airplanes flying at high altitude. These images are the source we use to develop the ground textures for our scenery. The humidity in the atmosphere between the camera on the airplane and the ground cause a chromatic  aberration that needs to be digitally corrected in order to restore the real colors of the elements on the ground like buildings, soil, roads, trees, etc. This correction is fundamental in the development of photo realistic scenery. VERO was the very first one, back in 2009, to color correct the orthophoto images for photoreal scenery.

While it's easy to color correct images for small scenery areas, it is quite complicated to do it for large scale scenery development.

VERO is, still today, the only scenery developer that color corrects large scale imagery assuring a 95% seamless transition between tiles.

The comparision image below explains the concept very well.

VERO is the only photo realistic scenery developer that produces ground textures from color optimized imagery.


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