VERO-FS develops photo realistic scenery for FSX and Prepar3d for both home simmers and full simulators.

We are aviation and flight simulation enthusiasts first of all. We like to see the real world from the window of our sim planes.

"As real as it gets" in simulation comes to some certain level of limitations imposed by factors like "production time" and "hardware resources". For instance, 30cm/pixel resolution ground textures for the entire developed areas would be the best in terms of quality but it would cost a lot in Hard Disks space and development time which in the end would make the final product too expensive for home users.

Our product is developed with the FLIGHT in mind.

One of the best, if not the best, hardware/softare optimizer/tweaker for FSX NickN wrote something that perfectly match our thoughts and vision.

The primary problem with Flight Simulator […] are the users who want to look at wavy blades of grass, cows mooing in pastures, birdies, people waving, busy gas stations, highways full of cars, airports full of non-flight deck related animations […].

The name of the application is: Flight Simulator. If that is what people want to look at instead of being 3000ft in the air or higher in a quality, 'correctly' designed for graphics, aircraft simulation then my opinion is they have picked the wrong rendering platform for that purpose […].

[…] What needs to happen is a SHIFT in thinking about the goal; The eye candy that is unrelated to piloting an aircraft, to flying a quality simulation plane and land it. That is the bottom-line choice.

VERO develops scenery for those who like to be in the air!


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