This is comparision between VERO-FS and 4 other deveopers’ product. We hope this will clear something out about the diffrence between VERO-FS and the rest of the world.

Words in red are links

VERO-FS Mega Scenery Newport Tabouret Sim Savvy
Optimization YES NO NO NO NO
Imagery Resolutions (m/pixel) 1 (real) + 0.30 (real) 0.30 (claimed but impossible) 2 2 Unknown
BGL compression 10% VERY HIGH, since they can stick 22,000sq.miles in just 1.8 GB Unknown Unknown Unknown
Level of Detail for 1m/pix imagery AUTO (up to LOD 15) Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
Level of Detail for 30cm/pix imagery 13 to 17 Unknown Unknown Unknown
Night variation YES – lighting over real roads/streets YES – lighting over real roads/streets NO YES (claimed but no screen shots available to verify) NO
Hard Winter YES NO NO NO NO
Autogen Yes – buildings only around airports YES (we don’t know how much and where in the preoduced areas) NO NO NO
Water Masks Ocean and Lakes Ocean and Lakes Ocean Ocean NO
File Size (approx per 500 MB 82 MB Unknown Unknown Unknown


  1.  Megascenery claims they use 1foot/pixel resolution (for FS9) image but a) it’s impossible that the entire areas they produce is made of such imagery as it’s not available from no where – b) it’s usless to 30cm/pixel (or even 1m/pixel) resolution imagery if then you compress or resample to 2 or 3m/pixel to stick such large area in 1.8 GB.
  2. Tabouret claims there is night textures but no screenshots are available – We show with full resolution screenshots every little thing we claim we do.
  3. Water masks – We don’t know what others do but we add water mask to lakes big enough to land on. If you spot a big lake without the water mask, plesae let us know so we can add it and release as free upgrades,