VERO-FS vs Competition

This is comparision between VERO-FS and 4 other deveopers' product. We hope this will clear something out about the diffrence between VERO-FS and the rest of the world.

Words in red are links

  VERO-FS Mega Scenery Newport Tabouret Sim Savvy
Color Correction YES NO NO NO NO
Imagery Resolutions (m/pixel) 1 (real) + 0.30 (real) 0.30 (claimed but impossible) 2 2 Unknown
BGL compression 10% VERY HIGH, since they can stick 22,000sq.miles in just 1.8 GB Unknown Unknown Unknown
Level of Detail for 1m/pix imagery LOD15 Unknown Unknown Unknown Unknown
Level of Detail for 30cm/pix imagery 17 Unknown Unknown Unknown
Night variation YES – lighting over real roads/streets YES – lighting over real roads/streets NO YES (claimed but no screen shots available to verify) NO
Hard Winter YES NO NO NO NO
Autogen Yes YES (claimed — there not a single screenshot of their products that shows autogen) NO NO NO
Water Masks Ocean and Lakes Ocean Ocean Ocean NO
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