Chesapeake Bay – MD

This is a free scenery for the Cheasepake Bay in Maryland featuring…

  • 2426 sq. Km – 936 sq. miles
  • Non-seasonal 1 meter/pixel and 30cm/pixel ground textures (for airports areas – red boxes in the area.jpg screenshot)
  • Autogen
  • FSX default library 3D objects (for airports)
  • Airports layout fixes – (Runway alignment, apron, taxiways to match real life airports)
  • Night variation
  • Snow ground variation
  • Watermasks

Airports included in the scenery

  • Harford County Airport (0W3)
  • Cecil County Airport (58M)
  • Woodstock (MD03)
  • Forest Hill Airport (MD31)
  • Fallston Airport (W42)

Files to download: 1 RAR file 2.35GB

LIKE to download the file


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  1. twhedbee says:

    Living near the bay, I’m excited to see this. But I have a question about how/where to install? Can anyone help?

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