1. Will your scxeneries be developed also for X-Plane?
    No. Only for MS FSX and Lockheed-Martin Prepar3D
  2. Which areas of the world are you going to produce?
    We start from USA hoping to partner with ortho-photo aerial imagery providers for European countries.
  3. Are your sceneries going to have a negative impact on frame rate or hardware resources?
    Not a single frame drop
  4. What's the LOD you are developing at?
    2 to 15 and 13 to 17 for large urban areas at 30cm/pixel
  5. Are the seasons variation automatically triggered by the simulator or do I need to manually enable/disable?
    Seasons of the GOLD version (spring/summer, fall, winter) are automatically triggered by the simulator. Also the night variation, for both GOLD and SILVER works the same way. Only the Hard WInter (snow) needs to be manually enebaled/disabled.