Q: Why don't you make super detailed airports and custom 3D?

A: Because we believe it's not necessary and to keep the price of our scenery affordable to a vast audiance. Please read our philosophy page for further explaination. Anyway, if you like super detailed airports, you can always buy some of the excellent ones made by other developers and add them on top of VERO photoreal scenery. Our scenery products are 100% compatible with any other freeware or payware addon/airport/scenery you may find out there.

Q: Is VERO scenery compatible with FTX Global?

A: Yes it is.

Q: How much impact do VERO scenery have on framerate?

A: We don't add any custom 3D so the impact on FPS is basically the same as if you would fly with default FSX/Prepar3d scenery. Beware of the fact that the autogen in our scenery is more intense compared to the default one so, you may want to move your autogen slider a step to the left (decreasing) to restore the autogen intensity to the level set prior installing our scenery.

Q: I love your Clouds Shadow Casting effect! Is it available for FSX default or do you develop it only for your scenery?

A: The CSC effect is compatible with FSX/Prepar3d default but because it didn't have much success on a large audience (home simmers) so we decided to develop it for our scenery and for full-simulator customers.

Q: Your scenery is amazing. Will you make it for the area where I live?

A: It depends on few factors:

  1. the availablity of aerial imagery for the ground textures
  2. The demand. We need to have at least 100 customers interested in the same area.
  3. Your wallet. In case the demand is low (less than 100 customers) we can discuss a custom development. Contact us to discuss it.
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