The geography of Colorado with its fantastic Rocky Mountains, valleys and lakes is among one of the most exciting and enchanting areas where to fly in the United States.

The development of the scenery for the state of Colorado starts with the Heart of Colorado, a ~4,300 area i the center of the state that includes 4 airports.

The scenery will be developed in both GOLD (seasonal) and SILVERĀ  (non-seasonal) versions and will feature:

  • 1mt/pixel and 30cm/pixel resolution ground textures from color corrected aerial images
  • Night variation for towns and cities for both GOLD and SILVER versions
  • 1mt resolution elevation mesh
  • intensive autogen made of buildings and 5 types of vegetation
  • airports runways/APRON/Taxiways and markings alignment fixes to match the real world airports
  • placement of FSX default library objects in airports and key areas like docks and parking areas

You can buy the Colorado scenery on our store.

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