Seasonal and Snow variations

Vegetation in the real world change according to the seasons and so FSX and Prepar3d change the color of the ground texture and vegetation according to the month set for your flight.

VERO preserves this beautiful and important feature in your simulator with the GOLD version of our scenery products wich feature seasonal ground textures developed to match the colors of the decduous trees foilage.

In the screenshots below you can see that only vegetation is affected by the color change while roads, roofs and rocky surfaces are unaltered.


  • The snow variation is part of the GOLD version of our scenery products.
  • The snowy ground is included in the WINTER variation for scenery developed for high latitude and high elevation geographical areas like Colorado USA.
  • The snow coverage intensity changes according to the elevation (see second group of screenshots below)

The snow variation must be manually enabled/disabled in the Scenery Library because it’s not triggered automatically by FSX and Prepar3d according to the weather condition, as it instead happens for the seasonal ground textures.

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