Airports Fixes and Enhancement

FSX and Prepar3d airports don’t match the ones in the real world. When photo realistic ground is added to the simulator, some work must be done to individual airports and airfields in order to make runways, aprons, navigation aids (navaids), markings and taxiways to match the photoreal ground textures. This fixing work is even more important when it comes to minor airports and airfileds as the default ones in the simulator have severe runways misalignment compared to the ones in the real world.

The second phase is adding 3D elements to the airports like FBO’s, firefighters houses, hangars, general buildings and manually annotated vegetation. We limit ourselves to FSX/Prepar3d default 3D objects library because of cost and because we believe it’s not necessary. Please read our philosophy page for further explaination. Anyway, if you like super detailed airports, you can always buy some of the excellent ones made by other developers and add them on top of VERO photoreal scenery. Our scenery products are 100% compatible with any other freeware or payware addon/airport/scenery you may find out there.

The screenshots below show some airports before and after the fixing as well as an example of an airport with 3D elements added.

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